El urbanismo en Huelvaterritorio y ciudad

  1. Cayetano Campero Romero
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Antonio Márquez Domínguez Director
  2. Jesús Felicidades García Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 11 July 2022

  1. Miguel Pazos Otón Chair
  2. Nicolás José Carbajal Ballell Secretary
  3. Juan Antonio Morales González Committee member

Type: Thesis


Urban planning in Huelva: Territory and city. begins with a general exposition of how to improve the urban design of our cities and as we must focus the model of reflection to obtain a dreamed city, with the intrinsic conditions of his own model of city, which make her the only and different, obtaining a better city, with the directives of intelligent city, which they benefit to the citizens and improve his quality of life, doing the most competitive and attractive city for his visit and discovery, by means of the creation and the putting in value of his natural spaces, public spaces and his historical heritage. Since methodology there appear the areas of knowledge used for the strategic change of the city, of patrimonial cultural and territorial value, being the city of Huelva inside the cities that need a cambo of strategies, for his transformation in more nice and comfortable cities for the citizens who live it, being based principally on a new approach of the collective spaces. The public space appears as an engine of the urban regeneration and influence of concrete aspects as the playful thing, the sport or the mobility in the design. For it there appears a theoretical frame based on the crisis of the urban development current model, of the tools of planning for the design of our cities, of the normative laws for the generation of the future arrangement of the cities, with a he structures so encorsetada that it does not leave freedom for the design of our cities, fruit of his determining landscape ones or of his historical characteristics inside his cultural heritage obtained in his natural evolution. With this crisis of the urbanism they must raise new ideas to construct an alternative urbanism, an urbanism not based on the growth not in the reutilization of the existing model, by means of a model new approach in more competitive and attractive cities for his use. With all these offers of reflection one tries to recover this lost image of city, refreshing the memory for the obtaining of the best future for the city of Huelva, where we find opportunities, recycling, improvements and a change of attitude in the future planning of Huelva, which is accompanied of the new airs of changes that do of the city a more efficient and sustainable space for the citizens. The architectural set of the city of Huelva is placed between the margins of the estuaries of the Odiel and of the Red wine, in the western part and to the east of the city, respectively. The above mentioned estuaries, popularly known since laugh, they are close to the "summits" a sign of own identity that does of Huelva an exceptional place from the point of view of his natural heritage. The harmony of the landscape like interaction between the Light, the Biosphere and the Geosfera provides to the city of Huelva of a natural resource that well is worth being valued by the company of the XXI century and by those future generations. This work contemplates the creation and the putting in value of a natural space inserted in the city that uses as point of meeting for the reflection inspired by the Nature and supported by a concept of architectural sustainable innovation. When there is thought about an urban development development that it can change the architectural concept of city, necessarily we have to think about actions that throughout the years, are valid and allow us to manage the use of the area, from the understanding of the natural processes that affect them. In this respect, these lines must serve to exhibit on the one hand: a) The signs of identity. b) The historical value of the city. c) The slogan of city opposite to the sea. Really, we might say that Huelva - points at different horizons and, in each of these horizons, we find the expression of the history of the city throughout the years, esculpiendo an exceptional work that is worth being put in value, to preserve it and to admire her. The city of Huelva has received as legacy of the Nature the "summits" and them "laugh", and to put them in value we have to understand and know them to be able to transmit this value to the future generations them, with the firm offer of which the city of Huelva looks to her laugh.