Reseña etnográfica sobre la comunidad cristiana evangélica de bolivianos en Purchil (Granada)

  1. Briones Gómez, Rafael
  2. Salguero Montaño, Óscar
  3. Tarrés Chamorro, Sol
  4. Castilla Vázquez, Carmen
  5. Jiménez de Madariaga, Celeste
  6. Fernández Fernández, Estefanía
  7. Suárez Rienda, Verónica
Gazeta de antropología

ISSN: 0214-7564 2340-2792

Year of publication: 2006

Issue: 22

Type: Article

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  • Social Sciences: B
  • Human Sciences: C


Migrants of Bolivian origin constitute the most numerous foreign national group in Purchil, in Granada's Vega. In the past five years, an Evangelical Christian community composed of people of this nationality has begun to form. Several factors inform the process of gestation and consolidation in this particular migratory context in Purchil: first, the personal migratory experiences of a score of Bolivian members of this community; second, external support from the same confessional environment in the country of origin, as well as from other evangelical communities in the province of Granada; and third, the involvement of Purchil's municipal government. The preferred form of gathering for this community is in the religious space and time of Evangelical Christianity; in this sense, religious practice constitutes for its members an adjustment strategy to their new migratory context, in which they reveal beliefs from their original country in interrelationship with the homonymic cases of the receptor country.