Los diagnósticos de enfermería en las revistas profesionales

  1. Ana Barquero González 1
  2. Ana Carmen Macías Rodríguez 2
  3. Diego José Feria Lorenzo 3
  4. Manuel Márquez Garrido 4
  5. Mª Carmen Carrasco Acosta 2
  1. 1 Enfermera, Lda. en Pedagogía, P.T.U. Escuela de Enfermería, Huelva
  2. 2 Enfermera P.T.U. Escuela de Enfermería, Huelva
  3. 3 Enfermero, Supervisor General Hospital Infanta Elena, PAU Escuela de Enfermería, Huelva
  4. 4 Enfermero, Especialista en Salud Mental, P.T.U. Escuela de Enfermería, Huelva
Metas de enfermería

ISSN: 1138-7262

Year of publication: 1998

Volume: 1

Issue: 10

Pages: 3

Type: Article

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The purpose of this descriptive study was to analyze the publications related to nursing diagnoses through professional journals published in a period of time that goes from 1978 to 1998. The selected publications were classified into four categories based on their content. The language terminology used in regard to nursing process has been identified and some interpretations have been done to explain these findings.