Uso y aplicación de Competencias Digitales en TIC en las organizaciones desde la percepción de estudiantes de Posgrado

  1. Pedro R. Rodríguez Pavón
Supervised by:
  1. Alfonso Infante Moro Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Year of defence: 2023


Type: Thesis


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are increasingly used to support and automate all business activities. Thanks to them, the organizations have managed to obtain important benefits, among which it is worth mentioning the improvement of their operations, reaching a greater number of clients, the optimization of their resources, the opening to new markets, a deeper knowledge about the customer needs to provide them with a better quality service and more fluid communication, not only with their employees but also with their customers and suppliers. The present work has as objective: To measure the degree of use and application of the Digital Competences in ICT that the students of a Postgraduate in Administration use in the organizations where they work. To achieve the objective, various tools have been used, such as the Nominal Group Technique through a panel of experts, a questionnaire, a descriptive statistical study, a questionnaire reliability study through the calculation of Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient, a comparative study through the Mann-Whitney U test, Brainstorming. Content analysis, study of Frequency Distribution, Pareto Diagram and Pugh Matrix. These tools as a whole made it possible for this investigation to successfully come to an end. The results of the study allowed the design and validation of an instrument to determine the Digital Competences in ICT that students of the Postgraduate in Business Administration have. In this same order, the use and application of these Digital Competences in ICT was diagnosed, through the application and statistical analysis of the results of the validated instrument and finally strategies were proposed for the use and application of these digital competences in ICT, through the definition areas for improvement and analysis of the feasibility of applying these strategies in organizations.