Itálica geoarqueológicamedio natural y forma urbana

  1. Roldán Muñoz, María Esperanza
Supervised by:
  1. César Borja Barrera Director
  2. Francisco Borja Barrera Director

Defence university: Universidad de Sevilla

Fecha de defensa: 13 October 2023

Type: Thesis


A conceptual and methodological approach to urban geoarchaeology is included in this study, along with an application of its basic principles to the context of the Vetus Urbs of Italica, named by García and Bellido (1960). Its goal is to determine the relationships established over time between the human settlement and the natural environment; in other words, to elucidate the historic links between urban form and the physical environment of Italica. The generated results have allowed us to study the paleogeography of the Italica Vetus Urbs, as well as the evolution of its topography along time. Thus, the geoarchaeological approach adopted in this doctoral thesis has precisely documented the characteristics of the Vetus urbs tell in terms of its spatio-temporal evolution, its dimensions, its structure and stratigraphy, its physicochemical composition, the distribution of facies, etc. This way, we could elucidate the main changes experimented by the urban landscape since the foundation of Italica to the present.