Los procesos migratorios y la educación intercultural en los planes de estudio de las universidades españolasun análisis comparado

  1. Ruiz Rodríguez, José Antonio
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Carlos González Faraco Director
  2. Juan Ramón Jiménez Vicioso Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 13 April 2023

Type: Thesis


The phenomenon of migration is a social reality that is addressed by educational institutions at different levels and from different approaches. Derived from this phenomenon we find another one, interculturality, whose study has been treated from various points of view and considerations throughout history in the last years. In recent years, research focused on these fields of knowledge has intensified and, within this current of research, we can frame this thesis which aims to know and analyse the presence of issues related to migrations and interculturality in university training in the social sciences and, preferably, in the educational degrees of Spanish universities, with the subsequent intention of offering a proposal for curricular improvement in this fiel of study. By means of a qualitative analysis of documentary sources (study plans and teaching guides for official university degrees), this curricular and training area is studied from a comparative perspective in 72 universities, where 604 Bachelor's and Master's degrees have been examined, representing a total of 21,289 teaching guides. The results show certain differences in the treatment of Intercultural Education, which leads us to suspect and even detect a correlation with the migratory balance in each context. Finally, as a pedagogical contribution of the research, a proposal for improvement is formulated, which could contribute to optimising university training in Intercultural Education and a possible design of a Degree in Intercultural Education is also presented, which would contribute to improving this teaching and research field in university training.