Los Derechos de Propiedad Industrial en conexión con la creación de empresas Spin-Off - Estudios metodológicos de implementación y consolidación

  1. Vairinho, Sofia
Supervised by:
  1. Sonia Rodríguez Sánchez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 15 September 2023

Type: Thesis


The present Doctoral Thesis Report by Compendium compiles eight scientific publications on the subject of protection, transfer and valorization of scientific knowledge, carried out in an international context that advocates innovative and consolidated responses to the social and legal challenges of a world society in constant and rapid change. Humanity is presented with old challenges in modern contexts (new viruses, pandemics, new war scenarios...), in front of which innovative responses are imposed so that scientific knowledge can provide us with a better experience, for which a legal accompaniment that provides solidity and clear legal answers is imposed in alignment with a challenging international context and in constant innovation. Aware of the importance of knowledge and the search for innovative solutions, these results are presented with sustainability in legal practice, pointing out the considerations made regarding the legal nature of industrial property rights, the proposals for the internationalization of these rights, the relevant experiences in Comparative Law (from the vision of Vannevar Bush to the Bayh Dole Law), and the concepts and strategies to materialize the transfer of knowledge: from the license agreement to the creation of companies based on knowledge: the Spin Offs. The inters for knowledge and the possibility of maximizing the research results generated in Public Institutions justify the opportunity of this approach and highlight the need to overcome the legal challenges posed by globalization, so that Law accompanies Innovation, as an attentive, present, vigilant ally, and not as a discouraging element of scientific progress.