Research center: Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Física, Matemáticas y Computación

Area: Applied Physics

Research group: Física Subatómica y Molecular


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Doctor by the Universidad de Sevilla with the thesis Extensiones del modelo de bosones en interacción para su aplicación a problemas actuales de estructura nuclear 1999. Supervised by Dr. José Miguel Arias Carrasco, Dr. Pieter Van Isacker.

Outline: # thesis 2, #cites (WoS) 2478, average_cites/year (last 5 years) 184, #publications 95 (Q1 40 and D1 10), h index (WoS) 33, Normalized Citation Impact (WoS) 1.78. "Sexenios": 1996-2001, 2002-2007, 2008-2013, 2014-2019. "Sexenios": 1996-2001, 2002-2007, 2008-2013, 2014-2019 I carried out my PhD in Nuclear Physics at the U. of Sevilla (1994-1999). I was a post-doctoral fellow at the U. of Delaware, USA (1 month, Prof. S. Pittel) and at the U. of Gent, Belgium (1 year, Prof. K. Heyde). In March 2001 I joined the Physics Depart. of the U. of Huelva as assistant professor (2001-2004), then as associate professor (2004-2019) and as full professor (2019-). I was the secretary of the Applied Physics Depart. (2010-2014) and then chair (2014-2016). Later I was the chair of the Integrated Science Depart. (2016-2020). This department arose as the fusion of three former departments, namely, Biology, Mathematics, and Physics and I was the person in charge of conducting this process. Presently, I'm the Director of Research of the University of Huelva since July 2020. My main research lines. 1994-2001: Intrinsic frame formalism for IBM-3 and IBM-4, double-gamma excitations. Collaborators: J.M. Arias (U. Sevilla), J. Dukelsky (CSIC-Madrid), P. Van Isacker (Caen, France), and A. Vitturi (Padova, Italy). Publications (WoS): 7, Proceedings: 1. My first scientific stage, corresponding to my PhD. 2001-2010: Nuclear mass calculations. Collaborator: K. Heyde (Gent, Belgium). Publications (WoS): 6, Proceedings: 2. I developed a method to accurately describe nuclear masses taking into account only information from the nuclear spectra. 2002- : Studies of Quantum Phase Transitions: finite-size corrections, relationship with the onset of chaos, quantum decoherence. use of simple models with interest in solid state physics, molecular physics, and quantum optics. Collaborators: J.M. Arias (U. Sevilla), P. Cejnar (Praha, Czech Republic), J. Dukelsky (CSIC-Madrid), A. Frank (UNAM, Mexico), L. Fortunato (Padova, Italy), F. Pérez-Bernal (U. Huelva), P. Pérez-Fernández (U. Sevilla), A. Relaño (U. Complutense, Madrid), A. Leviatan (Jerusalem, Israel), N. Gavrielov (Jerusalem, Israel), P. Van Isacker (GANIL, France) and A. Vitturi (Padova, Italy). Publications (WoS): 30, Proceedings: 15. 2004-2008: Participation in experiments on scattering of rare ions with heavy nuclei and double proton emission disintegration. Collaborators: I. Martel (U. Huelva), A.M. Sánchez-Benítez (U. Huelva), and I. Mukha (GSI, Germany). Publications (WoS): 8, Proceedings: 2. 2008- : Study of shape coexistence phenomena in Pb and Zr region, Collaborators: K. Heyde (Gent, Belgium), P. Van Duppen (Leuven, Belgium). Publications (WoS): 11, Proceedings: 8. I developed a technique for the description of chain of isotopes in regions where shape mixing plays an important role. I have a close connection with experimental groups. One PhD thesis is on the way. 2011- : New interdisciplinary research line “Physics and sustainable development”, forecast CO2 emissions and economy. Collaborators: A. Robalino-López, A. Mena-Nieto, G. Ortega, A.A. Golpe (U. Huelva). Publications (WoS): 6, 2 PhD, 1 book chapter. 2020- : Implementation of nuclear models in quantum computers. Collaborators: J.M. Arias, P. Pérez-Fernández, L. Lamata. Publications (WoS): 2, work presented in 3 conferences. I was referee of several journals: Physical Review C, Physical Review Letters, Nuclear Physics A, European Physical Journal A, etc. 167 reviews registered in WoS. I am the director of the well known "La Rábida" summer school in Nuclear Physics since 2015 and I organized the editions of 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018, 2022 (jointly with the Euroschool of Exotic Beams). I'm the representative of the University of Huelva in the Spanish network FNUC on Nuclear Physics and member of the executive committee of CPAN.