Centre de recherche: Centro de Investigación en Recursos Naturales Salud y Medio Ambiente

Domaine: Cristalografía y Mineralogía

Groupe de recherche: THARSIS

Email: jmnieto@dgeo.uhu.es

Web personnel: http://www.uhu.es/rensma/presentacion-mga/

Docteur à l Universidad de Granada avec la thèse Ortogneises del complejo de Mulhacén 1996. Dirigée par Dr/a. Encarnación Puga Rodríguez.

Jose Miguel Nieto is Full Professor of Mineralogy in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Huelva. BSc in Geology (1991) and PhD in Geochemistry (1996) from the University of Granada, he received the First National Award Honours Degree and the Doctoral Award. He was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry (Germany) supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (1996) and the European Union (EU) Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow Programme (1997-1998). Since arriving at the University of Huelva in 1999, where he leads the Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry Group (http://bit.ly/EnviMinGeo), Dr. Nieto’s research has been focused on the mineralogy and geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage with particular emphasis on the Iberian Pyrite Belt. He has directed and collaborated on numerous research projects including serving as principal investigator (PI) for 13 projects financed by the Spanish Government and 10 projects financed by the EU. He has also participated in many R&D contracts with companies and organizations (serving as PI in 18), and is the author of more than 150 papers published in peer-reviewed international journals. He has supervised 16 Doctoral Theses and is Co-Director of the Master Programme in Geology and Environmental Management of Mineral Resources at the University of Huelva and the International University of Andalusia (http://bit.ly/MsGyGARM). He is one of the top-ten highly cited authors from the University of Huelva according to Google Scholar (https://bit.ly/UhuScholar).