An example of bioclimatic constructionthe building PETER

  1. López Rodríguez, Fernando
  2. Segador Vegas, Cosme
  3. Cuadros Blázquez, Francisco
  4. Mena Nieto, Ángel Isidro
Selected Proceedings from the 12th International Congress on Project Engineering: Saragossa, July 2008

Publisher: Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Proyectos (AEIPRO)

ISBN: 978-84-613-3557-2

Year of publication: 2009

Pages: 261-271

Congress: Asociación española de ingenieria de proyectos. AEIPRO (12. 2008. null)

Type: Conference paper


The principal objective of this communication is to show an example of bioclimatic building. It is about the construction of an Intelligent "Zero Energy Building" (ZEB) of 1.000 m2 in the Campus of the University of Extremadura in Badajoz. The concepts of energy efficiency, power storage, environmental impacts, etc., in construction will be put in practice. A comparative analysis between the different conventional technologies and the renewable ones will be carried out. Between the used technologies are those of passive and active solar heating, photovoltaic power, ventilated façade, Trombe walls, use of an hybrid solar-biomass system to feed an absorption engine for refrigeration, etc. Finally, a complete control and analysis of the more important confort variables will be made in real time.