El desarrollo profesional en un entorno colaborativo centrado en la enseñanza de las matemáticasel caso de una maestra novel

  1. María Cinta Muñoz Catalán
Supervised by:
  1. José Carrillo Yañez Director
  2. Nuria Climent Rodríguez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 18 December 2009

  1. Joao Pedro da Ponte Chair
  2. Luis Carlos Contreras González Secretary
  3. María Núria Gorgorió Solá Committee member
  4. Victoria Sánchez García Committee member
  5. María Luiza Cestari Committee member

Type: Thesis


The objective of this study is to know and anderstand the professional development of an early career primary teacher, with respect to mathematics teaching who is envolved in a Collaborative Resarch Project (PIC). It is a case study research, focused in two contexts of development (classroom and PIC), using a wide variety of techniques and instruments for data gathering and analysis. We provide a rigorous grounding for the methodological framework, in particular, of the case study design, discussing the nature of the theory that can be obtained from it. We present the results of the professional development of the novice teacher and discuss if a novice teacher is prepared for reflecting on their practice in a powerfull way (that leads them to introduce changes), and in which sense , the reflection undertaken in a collaborative context can affect their professional development and what does the group provide to their individual reflection.