Standard model extensions with massive neutrinos phenomenology and cosmological implications

  1. Naranjo Pérez, Pedro
Supervised by:
  1. José Rodríguez Quintero Director
  2. Mario Emilio Gómez Santamaría Director
  3. Lola Smaragda Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 15 July 2010

  1. John D. Vergados Chair
  2. José Enrique García Ramos Secretary
  3. José Ignacio Illiana Calero Committee member
  4. David G. Cerdeño Committee member

Type: Thesis


The purpose of this dissertation is the análisis of several processes within the realm of Physics Beyond the Standard Model of elementary particles. Particularly, we consider Grand Unified Theories endowed with supersymmetry in order to study the impact of massive neutrinos on: - Dark Matter Abundance (assuming it consists of neutralinos). Bottom-tau unification allows parameter space areas compatible with WMAP constraints. - Charged-Lepton Flavour Violation. Furthermore, the implementation of a family symmetry yields acceptable Lepton Flavour Violation rates. - Left-right symmetric models. If we further assume left-right symmetric mass matrices for the soft-breaking supersymmetric terms, we are led to a significant suppression of the amount of Lepton Flavour Violation.