Vidas de autores italianos en traducciones impresas del Siglo de OroDante, Petrarca y Ariosto

  1. Sergio Fernández López 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Huelva

    Universidad de Huelva

    Huelva, España


Vidas en papel: Escrituras biográficas en la Edad Moderna
  1. Valentín Nuñez Rivera (coord.)
  2. Raúl Díaz Rosales (coord.)

Publisher: Etiópicas. Revista de letras renacentistas

ISBN: 978-84-17288-22-8

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 205-248

Type: Book chapter


In the sixteenth century, numerous works of classical authors, both Latin and Italian, were translated into the Spanish language. At that time, writers such as Dante, Petrarch and, later, Ariosto, had already become canonical models for Hispanic poets. The translations of The Divine Comedy, The Triumphs and The Frenzy of Orlando were printed profusely in the Peninsula. Many of them also included the biographies of their authors, following the custom of the old Latin and medieval commentators. In this study, the most significant lives are edited and studied.