Fray Luis de León y su comentario romance al Eclesiastés. Labor humanística, docente y exegética

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In the early seventeenth century, José de Valdivieso mentioned an unpublished treatise by fray Luis de León entitled El perfecto predicador. Over time, several researchers identified that work with a Comentario al Eclesiastés preserved in manuscript in the old Convento de los Agustinos in Cadiz, and they edited the Comentario with this assumption in mind. However, the Comentario, an exposition in the vernacular, had nothing to do with the treatise, which in fact was a series of notes fray Luis dictated to his students in 1579, the first year of his tenure of the Chair of Biblical Studies in Salamanca. El perfecto predicador, then, remains undiscovered, but the information gleaned from it about the teaching and exegesis of fray Luis is priceless.