Modelado de procesos en el sector sanitarioexperiencias y conclusiones

  1. José Manuel Framiñán Torres
  2. Ángel Isidro Mena Nieto
  3. Carlos Luis Parra Calderón
  4. Rafael Ruiz Usano
  5. Pedro Luis González Rodríguez
VIII Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos: Bilbao 6-8 de octubre de 2004. Actas

Publisher: Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Proyectos (AEIPRO)

ISBN: 84-95809-22-2

Year of publication: 2005

Congress: CIDIP. Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos (8. 2004. Bilbao)

Type: Conference paper


This communication is derived from the experience gained in the development of a business process management project. The processes to be improved refer to a number of health services to be implemented in several Spanish hospitals. One of the first phases in the project consisted in modelling the set of current processes (as-is models) for further analysis by means of simulation in order to obtain models representing the target processes (to-be models). In this communication, the methodology employed is described, and advantages and disadvantages of the application of process modelling for health services is described.